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Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston TX- Your Safety Is Our #1 Interest

It’s unknown for lots of people how it is essential to clean their dryer lint trap from time to time. This small part of your unit only collects some of your clothes' fibers which may lead your unit to be clogged. Probably you won't be able to see such fibers but it is there. If your dryer clogged up this means that something dangerous is going to happen.

Dangers of dryer vents always happen unexpectedly. Carpet Cleaning Houston TX cleaners are all ready to help you and able to find the cause of this problem. They will protect you from hazardous situations by cleaning the tubes of your dryer and behind too. We will help you to save lots of money and increase the lifetime of your dryer. So, rest and watch your dryer's efficiency increases!

Affordable Prices

Affordable Prices

We offer the most affordable prices in Texas

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Green Cleaning

We use safe cleaning products for kids & Pets

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Professional Staff

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Advanced Equipment

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Unfortunately, it's frequent to get a fire inside your house and the reason you won't believe is your DRYER VENT! Pretty scary right! Yes, it's common to get fires inside your house because your unit is clogged up with lint. Carpet Cleaning Houston TX is here to help you.

We can give you the best dryer lint cleaner with a reasonable prices. In case you haven't clean your unit before, all you have to do is acting quickly before any spark destroys everything. When this happens with you just call our experts and they will end your tragedy. Our dryer vent cleaning service includes cleaning all wool, foreign hair, and other fibers.

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Money Isn’t Everything For Us - Call now for $25 off

Do you know that the main reason behind your excessive energy bills is your dryer vent? All your clothes' lint can build up inside your dryer vent and clog it leading it to work much harder than it should be. Most of Houston TX residents are unaware of that and how it's necessary and useful for their wallets' to get dryer vent cleaning service.

By getting Carpet Cleaning Houston TX dryer lint cleaner, your energy bills will be the half than before. Our service won't cost you a lot, because our skilled and trained cleaners’ main goal is high-quality service, not money. Contact us now and we will not fail you. You will find our service near your location.

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My carpet & Upholstery was very dirty and i was looking for a professional cleaning company. I called for help and They came on time to give me a free estimate. Carpet Cleaning Houston TX uses modern equipment and green cleaning products.They leave me with a spotless and fresh house!Angela Huddson


I recommend this expert cleaning company to any one in Texas needs air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning or carpet & upholstery cleaning services! They are fully aware just how to complete the job right without wasting all of your time … one of my top picks indeed.Jillian Cooper


I couldn't believe how professional and timely your home cleaning service members were. Thanks so much for always having the best cleaning services possible for customers like me.Wendy Obilor

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